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The RBBC is now pursuing a new project…The Bulldog Foundation Fund! The goal of this project is to build a $1M protected principle fund, for which the yearly interest will be utilized to fund RHS Sport and Club activities. The benefits of this fund will be:

  • Assures minimum funding, year over year
  • Increases funding levels, helping RHS programs to become the “Best of the Best”!
  • Reduces long term fundraising pressure on the community, local business and families.

Building a necessary foundation that will fund the future needs of RHS Sport and Club activities

With your support, we will need to attract between $100K and $250K a year and it is our expectation that we will achieve our goal within 5 to 7 years. To achieve these goals, we will need to greatly expand the RBBC membership levels. Currently sitting at under 200, we will need to raise membership to 1000. By achieving this membership goal, the individual contribution levels become more manageable. While we will accept any level of contribution, we recommend a $100 and $250 year level…this equates to less than $10 and $25 a month!!!

We must maximize our membership levels…target 1000

By giving and participation in the RBBC, for the benefit of the students at RHS, we gain a sense of profound satisfaction that: we are engaged in the lives of our children; we are providing necessary resources to allow maximum participation in school activities; and we are building a necessary foundation that will fund the future needs of these programs.

We are building something good for our community.

Who are we asking to donate? How are we gathering the funds?

  • Parents Monthly solicitations
  • Alumni Local business partnerships
  • Local Community Government grants
  • Local Business Corporate & small business donations
  • Corporations School events
  • Government Community events

We must protect the investment!

It is important to place safeguards that protect the principle and interest from abuse. By-laws are drafted to insure this.

We Protect Principle

  • Until the principle reaches $50K, the fund can be housed within the general bank accountancy, managed by the board treasurer.
  • An outside fund manager must be utilized for the fund, when the principle exceeds $50K.
  • Only principle available for withdrawal is that above $900K

to use principle, 80% of RBBC membership must pass with vote of 75%

We Protect from misuse of interest

  • Pay-out drops to 50% of available interest if either the district or school reduces the athletic department or activities budget by 5% and 75% if reduced by 10%.
  • $60K cap in 1 school year, any excess remains with the fund as added principle
  • No money is to be utilized for basic maintenance of infrastructure (i.e., maintaining the grass fields, lighting, etc​

There are three options for making your donation to the Bulldog Foundation:

  • Making a donation at an event (the RBBC will be at many school and community events)
  • Make a pledge by mail, send to the RBBC at PO Box 804, Ramona, CA 92065
  • Make a pledge now, by credit card (see the instructions below).
  1. Event donations: The RBBC will have a booth at many school and local community events. We are very happy to accept your donations.
  2. Donate by Mail: Click here to access a pdf version of the pledge form. Please fill out the form and mail it, with your donation, to the address listed at the bottom of the form.
  3. Make a donation by credit card. Click on the desired donation level and follow the instruction on each page.

Join The Foundation Now

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